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How do i open a second online store? Do I need to create a second Shopify account? I do want the info for each store to remain as separate as possible

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Short answer - yes, open a second Shopify account. You can't easily run two different stores off one Shopify account, so simplest is two Shopify accounts.

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I had the same question. That would be fantastic wouldn't it? lol

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Yes, you have to create a second Shopify subscription, but you can do it from the same login/email address, so once you're logged in to the admin portal you can easily switch between the two. The two stores are compltely seperate. When I did this, as a starting point I exported the theme from one store and imported it into the other - that way all my settings and custom code editing were carried over (but not any products etc).

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I can't figure out how to start the second store. Can I get some more details on how you did this? I would like it all under one portal.