Security Camera Rental Business To Include A Security Deposit & Monthly Upfront Recurring Payments

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Hi All,

I have reviewed prior posts but could not find a match - hence my reach out to the community.

The existing video-doorbell installation business(shopify-based) is based in Ireland and a new focus targets the hire of novel solar-powered 4G security cameras which can be used virtually anywhere - initial target markets are agriculture, construction and illegal dumping surveillance. Upon completion of order, the camera and solar panel is shipped out to customer in a returnable case. In the background, we manage the 4G data plan required to run these cameras. Rental is on a rolling monthly basis and paid upfront for each month. A security deposit is required which is returned in full once we receive the camera etc back intact. 

I would value your collective feedback on what Shopify apps/partner offerings etc would be recommended to support the following:

- Cart clearly indicates the monthly price & security deposit

- First invoice charges both the first months rental & security deposit

- No tax is charged on the security deposit

- Customer is re-invoiced each month for the monthly rental

- Security deposit is refunded in full once camera is returned (customer is not hit with any transaction fees)

- If camera is returned mid-month, partial refund of upfront monthly rent can be made 


Any advice on this would be very much appreciated

Nigel Cobbe



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Nigel!

Thanks for sharing a bit about your business :) It certainly helps to add context to what you're looking for!

Looking into how you could set this up, it looks like an app like Payment Plans would be a great place to start. 
With this app you can control the fee, down payment, term and payment frequency. It also comes fully supported by the developers, who you'll be able to get in touch with from the Get support button on the app's page in the store!

You would be able to set up a product for the security deposit, and disable the Charge taxes on this product. This way, your customers wouldn't have to pay tax. 

If camera is returned mid-month, or you're refunding the security deposit, you have the flexibility to refund full or partial payments.. Your customers wouldn't incur a transaction fee.
You mention that you'd be willing to work with a partner to get this running. You could either visit our Shopify Experts and reach out yourself, or post a job and have our interested Experts reach out to you!

Hopefully that helps, Nigel! Let me know if I've missed something. You mentioned that the business is pre-existing. What system have you used to date? Have you had an Ecommerce solution before?
If you need anything else, I'd be happy to help!

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