See Sales History/# of items sold of Individual Product SKU

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How do I see how many individual items sold for all my sku's? 

We have 150+ sku's.  Most of my sales usually consist of 5-20 individual items across multiple sku's.  I want to see a list of each sku/product and see how many items of that sku sold over a given amount of time.  Ideally, it would be in a list of all products rather than having to go through each product individually.  Note,  I'm not looking for dollar amounts of each individual sale, or looking to sort through individual sales and manually addding up each items sold as this would be extremley time consuming.



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Hey, Max!

Peter here from Shopify Support.

Natively, Shopify does offer a "Sales by product variant SKU" report which can give you the net quantity for how many times that specific SKU was purchased. We have a pretty hand document here that outlines the reports we offer and how you can run them. There is a catch, however! To access these reports does require that your account is on the "Shopify" ($79/month) plan or higher. This can be a big jump from the Basic plan, however, there are some great features that come along with the $50 per month increase. Not only will you get access to those nifty sales reports, but you'll also get: 

  • Lower credit card & transaction fees 
  • Gift Cards
  • Access to the POS Retail features

An easier way to see whether the switch is beneficial or not is by doing the math. While we're not affiliated with this website, I was able to find a handy plan calculator that can give you some insight into whether upgrading will save you some $$$ (money). Now if you're really not sold on upgrading, then there are a few apps you could also consider:

Cost wise, these apps do seem like a no-brainer, however, should you run into any issues, or have any questions, you would need to contact the app developer directly. That said, the reports offered within the Shopify plan upgrade are fully supported by our 24/7 support teams. 

If there's anything else I can help with please don't hesitate to reply back and I'll happily help out!

All the best, 

Shopify Support



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Hi Max,

I'm John from Data Export. You can get the units sales or sales by Product Variants for any date range. It will cost only $5 for this type report.

Hi Peter,

I hope you have a chance to check out our app. Data Export is the low cost alternative to reporting. It can fetch any data from the Shopify store. Merchants use Data Export for custom or pre-created reports on sales, orders, billing, inventory, payouts, refunds and taxes.

We have a support team that will create any custom report for free. We have created more than 9,000 custom reports for Shopify merchants. Please let me know if you'd like a demo of Data Export. Also, you can install and test drive our app. It is free for Shopify employees and test stores.


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Hello @MaxSp,

Report Pundit has a pre-created "Sales by Product Variant SKU" report. This report will provide the net quantity of each product sold.

image (24).png

Report Pundit has other pre-created sales reports like  Sales by Vendor, staff, discount, channel, customer name etc.

The report can be scheduled to your Email or Google Sheets every hour, day, week and month. 

A free 14-day trial is also available. Our support experts will help create custom reports as well.



Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards
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Surely seeing what quantity of a product you've sold is a pretty core requirement of an e-commerce solution.  Yet all I see here is pretty much sales pitches from Shopify wanting to sell higher end subscriptions or 3rd party solutions.  We're currently trialling Shopify before making a decision on what we build our ecommerce platform on and unfortunately, the more we explore, the less we're seeing :( 


Appreciate responses from any actual users who have solutions to this gap in basic functionality.

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Very much agree with this... have recently started using Shopify and am a bit surprised at the lack of basic features that shouldn't even need to be on the app store. I imagine that could be part of a strategy to get developers to build more apps, but feels like a bit of a compromise on the core customer – the shop... Perhaps would be a bit more justifiable if Shopify was targeting mid-sized shops, but even that's not the case (is marketing selling the right proposition?) – I wonder if there may be a segment of small businesses that feel underserved by Shopify and would consider a more cost-effective alternative.

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I was expecting to open a product page on the admin to see some field to tell me how many times that item has sold...  little did I know I was in for great disappointment when I also expected it may tell me how many sold per time period...but it looks like the only native solution to any sales data is to know how many you started off with and how many you have now.