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I need to be a able to select multiple variants or inputs for a single product. We have a custom box of chocolates and we want to allow our customers to be able to select which chocolate that they want inside. So out of 20 items they can choose 4-6 different types. We need them to be able to click on each one they want and have it remain highlighted. Is there a way to this on through variants or an app or will this require some coding? Thanks

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Hey Jason,

If you've got a pick-and-choose bundle of items in one of your products, I can recommend Product Builder, and Product Options as well as Product Customizer.

Product Builder is designed to let customers picked from a pre-set group of options to make up the finished product, while Product Options and Customizer can let you have more than the three types of variant categories. :)


This thread is quite old, but if this helps others who are looking for the same solution to select multiple variants and quantity inputs for a single product.

You can use the MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order app to allow your customers to select multiple variants with a minimum/maximum number of variants and quantities of the same product in just one click. This is an ideal solution if you are selling a custom box of chocolates and want to allow/restrict customers to select a different flavor (ex: 4-5 flavor to fill the box) and place an order at the same time.

Here is a sample product you can take a look at:

Minimum/Maximum number of variants

Bulk variant add to cart with direct to checkout buttonBulk variant add to cart with direct to checkout button