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I have a store who is pulling their hair out because they keep getting orders with in-store pickup selected for many orders where the customer is expecting it to be delivered. The issue is that in-store pickup is set as the default selected method and they do not select the paid shipping option. They constantly have to contact the customers to see if they meant to select in-store pickup and if not then ask for money for shipping which, as you can understand, is annoying for both the vendor and the customer.

I cannot see any way to set a rate as the default in the shipping rates section.

It would be ideal if we could set the paid shipping rate as the default selected shipping method in the checkout screen to solve this issue. If that is not possible then it would be better if no option is selected so the customer has to select an option if order to proceed.

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Hi @David_Dale 

In store pickup or "Local Pickup" and "Local Delivery" should not be set up as one of the available shipping options. Local Pickup is a separate option available in the shipping settings that should be activated to make this option available from the first checkout screen (Customer chooses either "Ship", "Local Delivery" or "Local Pickup" when entering their information).

These options are available in the Shipping Settings, beneath the shipping rates setup options. Remove the in-store pickup option from the shipping rates and use these instead.