Selling Artwork With Shopify & Prodigi App (Print On Demand)

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I'm building an art store and have tried a variety of print on demand apps for dropshipping. The problem I have is that much as the products are great, I want to sell canvases, framed prints and posters and have to create each one of these individually rather than have one product and have the customer choose whether they want it framing or not.


I also have an issue in this regard with collections. I want my menus to be "abstract art", "geometric art", "photography" and so on and then have the products assigned to each menu, however, all products (canvases, framed prints and posters) will fall within this category and I really don't want to have to include them all as it looks really unprofessional.


The option I thought of would be to have the collections as "canvases", "prints" and "posters" but this would be the very last option. Who wants to go to an art store and choose the framing option before they choose what type of art they want to buy???!!!


I hope this makes sense. I've tried to speak to a couple of app developers about it and I don't think they get it!


Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever resolve this for your site??  I have the same problem