Selling Direct Ads on Shopify

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I would like to strategically sell ad space on my blog. I have a lot of traffic to certain blog articles that don't directly relate to my product, just my industry. I have some big brands reaching out wanting to "rent out" the blog page. I'm thinking to give out banner space on these specific blog posts (this won't affect my sales, at least not in any truly meaningful way - I realize the cons to doing ads and directing traffic elsewhere, however I dont have the capital to create/buy these products myself and I prefer not to go the affiliate/dropship route with these brands, which aren't my competitors FYI). 


So, my question is are there apps that would accommodate this? Basically, to place a banner on a blog page and link it to the other stores? Or would i just have to use an app like Sumo for a top bar and inline and then just charge them a monthly fee? 


Also, is there a way to use Mediavine on Shopify without coding? I have enough traffic to get into mediavine and I want to be able to control the ads being displayed if going this route too.

Any advice on all this is greatly appreciated. I think there's a lot of potential for additional revenue streams with direct advertising on blogs, and without having to affect sales of products, especially for stores like mine where only one or two products are being sold and a lot of traffic not being utilized properly (i know funnels well, just wrote posts for products I can't get inventory on atm).

I've read a few threads on this but couldnt find anything like I'm asking, they were talking about adsense which i wouldn't do. this idea is for strategic ads and being able to control where they are placed on the site. 

Thank you so much!