Selling Live Courses & Classes on Shopify.

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Hey Guys,

I am launching an online self development school. Essentially I am selling therapy / coaching classes online. I've looked at many different options, for example learning platforms like Learnworlds and Thinkific. They are ok, but I'm interested to know how it works with Shopify. I am aware that Shopify Integrates with both options. However I wanted to know specifically on some issues. 

1. What are Shopify options to work around Subscriptions. We are planning a few different subscription options and most e-learning solutions don't have much flexibility about subscriptions.

2. What other suggested solutions are available for selling membership e-learning products outside collaboration with Thinkific and Learn Worlds?

3. IS there an app that allows users to have their purchases stored in a logged area so they can access the products they've purchased?

4. Most e-learning platforms don't have a basket tool, if the integration happens is it possible to use the Shopify basket to purchase live classes?

5. Does Shopify allow for zoom integration so it's connected for the live webinar class ( alternatively other third party video apps)

I realise this is quite a lot of stuff, I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance,

All the Best in these difficult times,