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Hi Guys


Looking for advice or ideas on how to best connect wine sales by glass and bottle. We will be using Shopify POS in store and online so should be useful.

Does anyone have any ideas on how best to connect wine by the glass sales with bottles sales. For example if a bottle is 5 glasses and we sell 5 glasses in store via POS would the system be sensible enough to deduct one bottle from stock etc.

Any ideas of thoughts would be greatly appreciated 



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Hi @daniel-joseph ,

We are delighted to inform you that we're dealing with clients from the wine industry and would be happy to help you.

Based on your example "For example, if a bottle is 5 glasses and we sell 5 glasses in-store via POS would the system be sensible enough to deduct one bottle from stock etc."  what I would suggest is to create a New Product on your shop named ex. "Prosecco Treviso by Glass" and sell it like this from the system.

At quantity, I suggest inserting 5 x "Prosecco Treviso by Glass" as per (1 bottle).

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We are also using shopify POS.

We are having the same issue automatically transferring items registered in our store inventory from our shop as a "bottle" to a "glass" when we open bottles to sell by the glass in our bistro. 

Furthermore, we have wine on consignment, and are having to keep parallel registers so we can accurately report sales to our suppliers. 

As per the last comment, setting up a different concept helps to register by the glass sales, but does not register the bottle which must be discounted from inventory. 

Inventory adjustments don't show up in sales reports. 

There are apps which help keep aggregate concepts in inventory, but you then need to register bottles of wine as "x amount of glasses of wine" which is also not adequate. 

¡Let us know if you find a solution!



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I think I'll agree with what @Dan_Nistor said because it seems to be a solution to me. He was suggesting that you create a new product in your shop and choose a name for it like in his example and then you sell it as it is from the system. saying "At quantity, I suggest inserting 5 x "drink by Glass" as per (1 bottle)." it totally makes sense and we also have to consider Inventory adjustments as they don't show up in sales reports. but you can choose not to put 1 bottle in your inventory sheet and decide to replace it with 5x glasses in that case. when you take 1 bottle from the inventory, it will be as if you've automatically taken 5 glasses. btw, I would also recommend you buy your bottles at a discounted price for your business. there are some wine offers on the web which might also play a big role in your business. I hope it helps.