Selling as a Consignment Store

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Hi All,

Very new to this platform.

As i run a consignment store and sell second hand goods i need VAT (product tax) to be charged on my margin and not selling price.

Is this possible on Shopify?

It's a vital process for me.

Many Thanks



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello Patrick!

Jesse from the Guru Team here.

Currently by default Shopify does not have a field that would contain your value for cost of goods.

There is an existing feature request for the ability to track COG without an app which I have upvoted and added our conversation here as a use case.

Merchants looking to track COG would need to use something like

In addtion we have a general guide on how to show VAT prices when applicable that may be of interest to you:

Feel free to reach out at any time if you have any other questions.


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Hey Patrick,
Were you able to find something that properly calculates the VAT for you? 
I would love to chat with you on possible fixing this for your store.
I run Frontflip, a app that's make it possible for you to have consignment model on Shopify and more:
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I would love to chat and help you out on fixing this for you. You can reach my anytime at: