Selling by weight, rather than quantity

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Hi, I want to sell some items by weight (units) others by quantity within the same store. Selling by weight (i.e. kilograms) can be particularly useful for meat and seafood, as well as things like loose nuts. So, could you please provide an option for this? That is, if I enable “sell in units” for an item, then I would be able to select a unit of measurement (such as kilograms) and this will show up as such on the inventory and the receipt. Please let me know if you will be able to help with this.
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@hussn this is typically handled by setting the price and inventory quantity to correlate to a small size.


So 1 gram of nuts for $1.00 would be 10 centigrams of inventory at $0.01 each etc.

Similar for lbs and ounces

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I have the same problem. Were you able to find a solution? 

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Hi all,

We are the developer behind the 5-star rated Sell Products by Weight for POS app which solves this issue for in-person sales: Our app enables scale integration, inventory adjustment, COGS reporting, tax-exempt sales, etc. 

We are now beginning development to extend functionality to online sales. If you have a need for this, can you please fill out this brief questionnaire so that we can better understand the use case?

Thank you very much.