Selling cosmetic products - fear of getting sued / liability insurance?

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My store will sell skincare products such as vitamin C serum. As I near launch date I can't help but think worse case scenario--e.g., someone maliciously sues claiming some sort of skin reaction. A few questions on this:


- Is there a skincare focused 'terms and condition' template around? - would this offer enough protection generally speaking?

- Is liability insurance recommended?

- Generally is this a common and valid fear or statistically is possibility of it ever happening simply too little?

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It's definitely a common fear as any of us get close to launch date especially - you start to think of all the negative possibilities sometimes! 


You may wish to speak to a lawyer, but I imagine it might be difficult to find a lawyer that has the type of experience you're looking for. I'm not an expert in skin care, but I would spend some time looking at T&C of competitors, make sure that you have any bottle/packaging requirements met, along with any general guidelines you need to meet with the product itself. I would imagine there are standard disclaimers regarding allergic reactions, etc? 

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