Selling different currency products through my store

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I am trying to find a way to use a currency conversion internally on my store so that I can sell products based on a currency other than my store base currency.


For example:

I am dropshipping products and my store base currency is £.

Some products that I want to sell are originally in € so to show the correct and current price on my store I need a currency conversion between the original € price and my store £ base price before they appear on my store.

Some of the product will range between €5000 - €15,000 so a swing in the exchange rate could make quite a big difference potentially.


Can anyone tell me if there is any way I could get this feature on my website for certain products so that it updates automatically?


Thanks, I hope that all makes sense!

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Hi! Shopify currency selector allows multiple currencies, but it is for visualisation. Upon check out, it still requires default currency. 


If you want to sell products in different currencies, you may potentially run multiple sites serving different domains, like, for GBP currency, and for products selling in euros. Among these two sites, you may potentially use Geo Redirect to auto direct visitors based on their physical locations by IP. For example, if your visitor is in UK, and he goes to, it will auto direct him to Or you could set a striking customisable permission popup requesting for redirection and remember the visitor's selection for future visits.


You could easily set up redirecting rules using Geo Redirect within a few steps. No code is necessary. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps!