Selling in multiple countries but with different inventory

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Hi all,

I am building a Shopify store for my flower business. We are present in multiple countries, and sell the same products, but the inventory isn't the same. For example one shop may run out of a certain type of flower but it would still be available in the other country. Is there a way to handle this?

Another question I have is: is there a way to show customers a landing page with different flags so they can select which country they want to purchase in, and then have a dropdown in the header with flags so they can go to a different country store?




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I'm following along as another friend has had a similar problem and would love to help them out!


Hi @ceciliamzayek,

You can set up multiple locations in your Shopify store so that you can track inventory and fulfill orders at your locations. First you have to enable multiple locations, the number of locations you have depend on your shopify plans. If some of your inventory is out of stock at one location but available at another, Shopify will break the order to allow fulfillment from different locations.

The answer is no, Shopify currently doesn't have the multiple store feature but it does have multiple language support. The solution would be third-party apps that let you duplicate stores for different currencies and inventory.

Hopefully this might help somehow.

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