Selling items by weight

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I've read through many of the questions in this group about selling by weight but I'm not sure I've gleaned the right solution for me. 

I own a B&M herb shop - we sell herbs by weight (by the ounce). We recently migrated over to shopify, and while I sell the herbs online per ounce, in the shop we measure out the herbs and sell by actual weight (for example 1.3oz, .25oz, 4.6oz, etc). Is there a way I can offer one ounce increments online only (I do not want to sell customized weights online) and offer customized weight pricing in the shop?

I'm baffled this isn't already part of the POS. 



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Hi Karen,

I'm here because of the same exact reason.  I sell my products online one way, but in the store I sell by weight.  I haven't found a solution yet, but I'm trying to figure something out.  There are 2 apps that are for selling by weight, but they don't work with my products (chocolate) due to the fast-paced selling rate we have.  It's just wayyy too many steps to get it to work for us.  That proves inefficient at the register.  I have a work-around solution that I've created (too much to get into here), but it's not ideal.  I popped on this forum to see if anyone else had figured it out.  I'm sorry I can't offer much help... i'm hoping I will get an alert if someone finds a solution.  Thank you!  ~Betsy