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I currently run an e-comm store in Australia. From analytics I can see we get a portion of our traffic comes from the US. I would like to make a couple of our products available for sale to the US. 
 Is it as simple as setting up a new shipping zone specifically for the US & putting the products into it?

We are still a small operation at this point so I obviously want to test to see if we get sales from the US prior to looking at setting up a tailored US store. 

What is the best advice here in terms of making other currencies available to purchase with & shipping zones?

Thanks in advance for the advice


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Hi @MSM2020 ,

yes, you have to make a shipping profile for the US and add all your US products to it. and you can show a featured collection on the name ' Only for US customers'  on the homepage or you can show that on the navigation menu. 

and yes as you said it's not a good idea to open a new site for US customers as you just started out. 

if you need any help with this feel free to contact me

Thank you.

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