Selling volume on Shopify like millilitres

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Just a quick question
I am selling perfume oil on shopify, what’s the best app for tracking my inventory.

I’m selling my perfume oil’s in
5ml, 10ml, and 20ml bottles.

So I have bottles of 100ml and when customers order come,
I pour the perfume oil in bottle of 5ml, 10ml or 20ml according to their order and ship it.

How will I put that in my inventory?

Because if I put 2x 5ml in stock
5x 10ml in stock
And 2x 20ml in stock
That’s 100ml all together.

So for instance if I sell both my 20ml
It’ll show that it’s out of stock on 20ml,

but in reality I still have 60ml left and I can use it towards 20ml 10ml or 5ml orders.

What’s the best way to do integrated volume or what’s the best app to use.