Selling your own product, how to do that?

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I often see the advice in these forums that it's easier to build your market niche if you build your own product rather than re-selling commodity products.  Since my shop is selling commodity products, effectively in competition with the major retailers, I'm inclined to agree.  With commodity stuff, you're almost forced to compete with the majors who can offer free shipping at low-low everyday prices, which means....  out of business before you can get a reputation established.

I would love to sell my own products and even have ideas.  My issue is that I'm not crafty or artistic at all.  I would have to hire someone to manufacture stuff based on my ideas.  Has anyone here gone that route?  How do you find companies that will manufacture things in wood/plastic/metal.  Over in the manufacturing section of this forum I did see some people offer to print, screen print and sew things.  That's easy to find. How about people who work with hard materials?

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Hi Sharon,

You can refer to the link below to get some more ideas in order to find the right manufacturer or supplier.

There are some links within that article that may be handy such as Alibaba or Scotts online directory to get you in touch with suppliers for the hard materials you are looking for.  

Hope that helps,