Send zendesk emails from domain purchased at Shopify

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I purchased a domain for my store through Shopify, and currently, all my support emails come from the following email address "", and I would like for my customers to see that it comes from "".

Now, I already have the opposite setup, my customers send an email to "" and with a forwarding rule on G Suite I do get my tickets created on Zendesk no problem. But when it comes to replying to these tickets, the emails come from "".

I'm trying to follow this article:

But when it comes to changing the CNAME records part, it provides the following fields to fill up "Type, Name, Destination, and TTL" (screenshot: ), which I don't see in my DNS Settings page for adding a new Custom CNAME record on Shopify, all I get is "Name and Points to" (screenshot: ).

Can anyone help on how should I format these to work on a Shopify domain? or a more simple request, what should I do? Thanks in advance.