Sending Products As A Gift To A Different Recipient Name Than The Customer

I have a problem.

My business is a gift business, so most customers ship to a different recipient. But shopify thinks the recipient name is the customer name. So all future account and email info is addressed to the first recipient, rather than the customer name, which causes a lot of complaints.

  • Shopify won't let me edit the cart.
  • I can change the information manually, but this isn't practical.
  • There is one app out there that allows you to have both customer name and recipient name (giftwizard) but it also has all this other functionality that I don't want (eg. gift card) as I already have this built into the product.

I am surprised there I cannot find a solution to this, as there must be 100's of shopify businesses out there that are predominantly gift businesses.

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Hi Dickon!

Seán here from Shopify :)

I see what you mean. While currently there's no direct function for sending products as gifts in the Shopify Admin, this sounds like a great addition to the platform's base functionality. If you'd like, I can run this by our developers as a feature request to see if it's something they can add in a future update? While I can't make any guarantees on whether they'll be able to add it, they'll definitely be able to take a look at it and see what they can do.

In the meantime, Gift Wizard seems to be your best bet for offering products as a gift. I've looked into it and while much of the extras aren't needed for your store, you can look into just using what you need to offer the products as gifts. You can always get in touch with the app developers directly, either by emailing them at or clicking on 'Get Support' on the app page in the store.

Another alternative would be to see if a Shopify Expert could help you out with this. They'd be able to look into how you want it to work and see about setting up a private app or integration that can offer this exact function :)

Hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch with the Guru team if you have any questions.

All the best,

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Hi There,

Thanks for replying. Yes please please add this to the development list. All it would take is one text box for the recipients name at the cart level just above the delivery address. So simple.

I have been in touch with giftwizard. Their functionality is hard coded in, and would only serve to confuse my customers. There's an email set up and a gift note set up, the former I don't want and the latter would contradict the card I already have.

But yes I may try and ask my developers to see if they can help.



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I'm having this same issue. Has there been an update? Any other options for me to consider? Thanks.