Sending bundle order info to 3PL logistics partner as individual SKUs

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Does anyone have a suggestion for an app or solution that enables me to create a bundle made up of different SKUs, so that when the order is placed, the order lists all the SKUs in the bundle (and not just the bundle itself)? My 3PL can ideally the individual SKUs and pick and pack it. 


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App Selly can help you to create bundles which adds individual SKUs to cart:


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Hi there, we recently launched Simple Bundles that allows you to see which SKUs were sold as part of a bundle. This way, you can track each SKU individually and also use the info to your 3PL logistics partner for picking and packing. For example, if you have 3 SKUs in a bundle, you would see 4 line items (1:bundle SKU + 3:bundled products/SKUs).

You can install it here:
Here's a video if you just want to see how it works:

Would love to hear any feedback so we can continue to make improvements and add features.



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