Sending customers order shipped email without entering tracking number?

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Is there a way to send customers an "your order was shipped/fulfilled" notice without entering a tracking number?

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Hey, there!


Jason here from Shopify Support.


Great question. When you're fulfilling the order, the tracking information is optional. As long as you leave the space blank, the notification email won't contain any tracking information.


In Shopify admin > Orders > Specific order > Marked as fulfilled, you'll see this popup window.

As long as you leave the Tracking Information section blank, the notification email won't contain any tracking number.


Just in case if you're doing dropshipping and using Oberlo to fulfill your orders, go into the app and click on Settings. Leave this section completely blank, then your customers won't receive any tracking information as well. Remember, you can manually mark the order as fulfilled at Shopify admin.


If you run into any issues, or if I misunderstood what you're hoping to set up, feel free to reply back here and I'd be happy to help out!


All the best,

Jason | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello @west-end-merch_,


Yes, you can do that. As Jason has mentioned, tracking info is optional. Even if you do not enter the tracking number and select a carrier, a mail will go from Shopify stating "Your order is on the way". But, this email will not contain any tracking number and once your customer clicks on the "View your order" link, it will go to the order status page which will contain the message "We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status."

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I am using the Royal Mail integration and the tracking numbers are not pulling through from Royal Mail to Shopify. All of my settings are correct and should be pulling through. Could someone please help me as to how to make sure the tracking numbers are showing in the shipping confirmation email.

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