Sendle in Australia - doesn't do any favours for Shopify's reputation?

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Has anyone started using Sendle (Couriers Please) in Australia since they joined up with Shopify?


I dipped my toes in & gave them a go. They're not cheaper than Aust Post or Fastway in most cases for my business, but it's very easy to print out a label etc in the shopify system. 


I've had a bad experience overall.  Missing parcels, missing pick-ups and Couriers Please have said items have been delivered when they haven't.    I have an investigation in progress to see if driver has fraudulently signed for a delivery.  I am waiting to hear the outcome.


Has anyone else had experiences like me or am I having a bad run with the few times I've used them. 

If my experience is replicated with other people, I can't see why Shopify would risk their AAA reputation on this integration. Interested for other people's comments.

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Hi John,


I ran a kickstarter campaign from Melbourne where I needed to post hundreds of large 2.5kg packages internationally. I was thinking of going with Sendle for a while (I remember reading positive reviews, so it's a shame to hear your experience).

After a lot of research and ringing around, I found these couriers to be best:


• For domestic: AusPost business (a business account has a lot cheaper rates than a customer account!)

• For international: DHL e-commerce (that's the name of the DHL division, they have offices in Sydney and offer great prices + free pickups etc)


Hope that helps,





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