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A few questions: 1. I have a business where I provide/sell virtual tours. Shopify looks great and I like the functionality. My question is that I charge different rates for different customers. I have a company that custom brands my tours, a residential division, a commercial division, etc. I want them all to use my shopify store, but not see the others pricing models. Is this possible? Do I have to setup a shop for each type of client and password protect the shop? Something like a vendor login area? 2. I would use shopify as a storefront and payment gateway and then call to confirm appointments, can I remove the shipping item from the products? 3. As for design, I know there are shopify themes and liquid and vision, etc. I am not a designer or programmer and would like to add more pages, google analytics and much more. Can I hire a regular designer who knows CSS and Ruby on Rails or must they be specifically trained in something? I really like the look of the site becasue it does not look cookie-cutter for a business wants a professional look. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ian