Service Fees / Subscriptions

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I am trying to figure out a way to setup a subscription model but I can't find an app to fit my needs. 

My requirements are as follows:


  1. A customer should be able to come to my site and purchase a product but they are charged every 6 months a "service fee". 
  2. A customer should be able to to see in the same product the ability to pay a subscription fee for the same product but have it priced for example at $10/mth with a $20 setup fee and a $30 cancellation fee. The monthly fee will never stop unless they cancel for example. 

I don't wan to ship a new product every month because they are paying for the service of the product. I also need to know when someone purchased the products so that it goes into ship station to fulfill the order. 

Any advise on how to achieve this would be great. I also use inventory management in Shopify so I need this feature to work as well. 

I am also opening hiring someone who knows how to setup the above.