Setting Up Shopify Before Forwarding Domain

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I've been selling online for a few years now, so my domain and current ecommerce site is established.  As I'm moving from a self hosted setup to a hosted solution with Shopify, I was setting up all my products, pages, etc before forwarding the domain.

Currently for links, I'm using the shopify store front it's given me, so  Will I have to go back and change these links once I forward the domain?

I'm looking for the most efficient way to facilitate this move and have as much set, before forwarding visitors to this new ecommerce platform.
Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Lynn! Greg here from Shopify!

Once you bring a domain over to Shopify and for example: will redirect to automatically.

If you find that a couple links generate 404 errors, you can use this documentation in order to setup some redirects:

Domain Pointing and Shopify:

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Gregory Beardsmore

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Hi Lynn,

Another way you can do this and maintain SEO ranking is to setup Google Webmaster tools on your existing site and let it gather some data for a week or so.

Once you switch the domain to Shopify, Google Webmaster tools will give you a warning (after a few days) for any URL's where it detects 404's and other errors.

You can then go into Shopify, create those redirects from the URL's Googles flags, go back to GWT and select the error as fixed. This will then update in Google's index.

Hope that makes sense.


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Thank you both for the information.  I'm already setup with Google Webmaster Tools, so this will be easy to complete.