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I am trying to set shipping up. I have read and read and can’t figure it out. I am working off the free 14 days but have signed up for the $79 plan after that. I need shipping set up by weight. I have things that are 4oz and some over a pound. I would like to give the customer the real time option of usps and ups. Any help would be greatly appreciated 


Check out this video guide.

Please let us know if you still have questions.

Good Luck! 

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Hi @Pscrazycreation,

Shopify's built-in Shipping & delivery settings let you set up custom rates based on weight. The functionality is somewhat limited, so you would have to set up each product group (weight class) as a separate Shipping Profile. To do this, go to Shopify Settings > Shipping & delivery, then click 'Create new profile' in the Shipping section at the top. You can add all the products that have the same weight or weight range, then set a 'min/max' weight Condition. You'll have to repeat this process for each group of products with similar weights. The downside to this approach is that when a customer buys products from multiple Profiles, Shopify will blend them together into a single rate. If that's not ideal -- for example, if you want the 'over 1 lb' rate to be the dominant rate as long as the heavier item is in the cart -- you will likely need a different solution.

However, if you're using USPS and/or UPS to calculate live rates, then you don't necessarily need weight conditions, since the carriers will use the product weights and available package size to calculate dimensional weight.

If Shopify's built-in features aren't enough, and you're open to using a third-party solution, Intuitive Shipping lets you set up shipping rates based on cart (or product) weight in a single Scenario (similar to a Shopify Profile, but with greater control). It is possible to create a single shipping method in the Scenario with a table of rates based on weight (e.g. up to 1 lb = $5.00, up to 10 lb = $20.00, etc.). You can even add another shipping method with a different rate table so customers have options. Or, you can set up Scenarios for different products or product groups if required, and have them either blended together or set up so that one is dominant when the cart has mixed items.

Alternatively, you can set up live shipping methods connected to USPS and UPS where packages are split based on weight. Meaning, if a package holds up to 1 lb, and the weight in the order exceeds that, the system will either add another identical package or look at the next package size up (depending on how you configure it). With Shopify's built-in live rate shipping, you're only able to select one 'default' box which, in some cases may be too large, and in others, too small. With Intuitive Shipping, you can add as many unique package options as you need.

If you'd like more information, please feel free to book a demo with one of our team members who will be happy to walk you through a setup or answer any questions you might have in real-time. 

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