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Hi Everyone, 


I'm new to Shopify. I'm sorry if the question is too basic.

Is it ok to share your store URL and password with a shopify expert? A shopify expert reached out to me after I posted a question and offered to take a look at the store but since its password protected, I will most likely have to provide this too. Is it safe to provide the URL and password? Will I be required to make a payment for the expert's help?

Not sure if this is how this usually works. I noticed that the Shopify community discussions are very helpful in solving problems you encounter with themes etc. 

Thanks in advance to whoever can shed some light on this. 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, @Shakster!

Julie here from Shopify Support.

No need to apologize! No question is too basic and I'm always happy to help.

First off, it's great to hear that you've connected with a Shopify Expert. To provide them with access to your store, you'll just need to create a collaborator account for them. Alternatively, the Shopify Expert can easily request collaborator access to your store through their own account. 

With a collaborator account, the Shopify Expert will be able to access both your admin and the frontend of your online store without having to enter the storefront passwordBecause collaborator accounts are specifically meant for Shopify Experts, they do not count towards your plan's staff account limit. With collaborator accounts, you can also choose to set certain permissions, which can be useful if you only want to provide access to specific areas. 

As for payment, this is something that you'll need to discuss with the Shopify Expert. That being said, most charge a fee for their work, but it's important that you discuss the job scope and cost before you start working with the Expert. If they do require payment, then they will be able to send you an invoice directly through their Shopify Partners account, which you can pay online; we actually have a help doc on paying Experts that outlines the process. 

I hope this helps clear things up! What kind of work are you hiring the Shopify Expert for? 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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