Shipping - Default Package

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When Shopify will be adding additional shipping package options so we can have more then just one default?

Moving my inventory from my old POS to Shopify has taken a very long time and been frustrating to see all the limitations I didn't realize a newer web based POS platform would have. I have a brick & mortar store with more 6000 item numbers with product sizes of a dime to over 3 feet. From jewelry, candles and wall art among many other departments. We also have a chocolate shop with 250 different candies that need to have cold packs added in the warmer months. I realize Shopify can't be all things to all people but I can't seem to figure out how to set up shipping in the admin area that will work for my store and all its different sized products.

I did a search for "shipping" and it kicked back 20,000 posts. That tells me shipping is a big issue for others just like it is for myself.