Shipping Nightmare, need help.

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Hello, I have been working on my new website now for a few months and up until this point it has gone really well. I am stoked at how it looks, but then came shipping and I'm loosing sleep as I cant launch the site because the shipping just does not work. This post is to ask for help in making it work, and see if you have encountered similar problems, and if so, how did you rectify it? Firstly I am based in the UK and I ship to all countries except Russia. I make custom bespoke products (lamps. furniture, wallpaper) and also sell smaller items (t-shirts, prints, art) If you would like visual ref, my current soon to be gone website is: Now, shipping from the uk to say USA, or Europe is expensive. A lamp to USA could cost up to £130 and to Europe around £85. On the other end of the scale a T-shirt would cost around £6 to USA and about £4 to Europe. So I have a huge amount of variants to contend with. So I decided to get carrier calculated shipping with FedEd for international orders. The problem? Shopify ONLY deal in weight or price. This means that when the calculator sends info to FedEx, it purely sends the weight, not the box dimension. This means the rate is always WAY off and I would always loose money, every sale. The box dimensions for a lamp are always 40 x 40 x 60 cm. But the dimensions for say a table vary depending on the design, size etc. So this causes huge issues as the weight of say a table could be 4kg but the package could be huge and need to be calculated based on size NOT just weight. The next issue is multiple products. What If a customer bought a T-shirt, a print and a lamp? Shopify only sends the weight of those items and so FedEx calculate based on the weight, it does'nt even calculate a multiple consignment. So whats happening is shopify tells fedex that the customer wants to order a single product that weighs X amount. But the truth is that its actually 3 products of various sizes. Again I loose a lot of money. So I thought I would forget FedEx integration and go down the manual route. To achieve this I would need to find some crazy system that works with the above problems. To make it worse, each country would need a variant for a T-shirt, and then multiples of that T-shirt. Then the same for Lamps, art, prints, furniture etc. The I would need to anticipate a client buying one of each. This results in quite literally thousands of variants that I'm not sure will even work. So I have a question. Am I the only one who seems to have trouble with this? Is there a decent and plausable method to make this work? Is it possible to set it up somehow that if a client buys multiple products they are charge shipping on each product? example: 1 lamp to USA = £120 + 1 T-shirt to USA = £6 + 1 Wallpaper to USA = £25 TOTAL SHIPPING = £151. This seems SO basic yet it seems that its not entirely possible? I desperately need help with this, so if you can help I would be truly gratefu
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Since this post has been posted quite a long ago, I would like to update it since it might help anyone landing on this thread.


Although Shopify allows you to adjust the box dimensions now, it does not handle the rates based on the product dimensions. Shopify only takes the weight of the product while calculating the rates, which is why the rates might go high in case of products that are mentioned here. So, to calculate the rates based on product dimensions and pack the products accordingly, you will have to use a Shopify FedEx app. Using such apps will not only help in calculating rates based on the weight and dimensions, but also in automating the packing process based on the dimensions of the product.