Shipping Price Based on Number of Products Ordered?

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Hey everyone! 

Anyone know of a Shopify App that will change the shipping price based on the number of products a customer has ordered.

For example, customer orders 1 bottle and the Shipping Price is $1.00. A customer orders 3 bottles and the Shipping Price is $2.00. 

Anyone know of any app that will allow this functionality?


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Hello there, 

Lisa here from the Social Care team at Shopify. 

If you'd like to use an app to cover you for shipping quantity breaks, I recommend you check out Better Shipping. With their tiered shipping settings, you can set multiple shipping rates for an item depending on the quantity the customer buys. Want to charge $1 for the first item, and then 50c for every extra item? Better Shipping has you covered! 

There is also a workaround native to your Shopify admin. To utilize your Shopify settings for shipping price breaks, you would first need to adjust the product weights for the workaround. This document here will run you through how to edit your product's weight in bulk to save you time. For this workaround to work essentially, 1lb = 1 bottle. Once you have done this you can return to your Shopify shipping settings and add manual weight based shipping rates. With this in mind, you can set your weight based rates to reflect the quantity price break you'd like to offer. Below is an example of the possible rates you can set to achieve 1 bottle and the shipping price is $1.00, 3 bottles and the shipping price is $2.00.  Please keep in mind I have added in 2 bottles in between your suggested rates to ensure the algorithm covers all basis. You would need to continue this pattern up to the maximum amount of bottles you believe a customer would purchase at any one time, or you could add a rate for 10+ that covers all basis for a flat rate.

Depending on your stores set up this workaround may not be ideal if you have additional products with other shipping needs. Also, if you're wanting to use carrier calculated shipping for any other products, this would conflict as well. Therefore, the app may be the best solution!

Please keep in mind most shipping apps, including Better Shipping, does require Carrier Calculated shipping is enabled in the admin. This costs $20, additional per month on the Basic - Shopify plan, or is free on the Advanced plan, or any of the Annual plans. If you would like this service set up to use the shipping apps, feel free to contact Shopify Support, and we will be happy to enable this for you. 

- Lisa


Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Lisa,

I entered the weight based option as directed and there is one problem I am trying to solve. At checkout customers are given the option to chose how much they pay for shipping. So if their cart has one item the only option is for one rate. If their cart has three items they have the option to select the rate for one two or three items. Obviously they will select the lower shipping cost if there is no difference in the delivery time. I am trying to have only the rate associated with the weight of the cart items available. Can you assist.