Shipping Question--which is better--higher prices w/free shipping or lower prices + shipping?

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I'm getting ready to launch my first store and I'm having trouble deciding how to charge for shipping.  The way that I wanted to do it was to charge flat rate tiered shipping--the first item bought is $4.95, the 2nd item is 3.95 and so on.

After setting up all of my products, I realize that this isn't as simple to do as it seems it would be.  Best I can tell, I have to pay $14 a month for an app plus $20 a month for the real time shipping feature--which I don't even need to use.  I just can't see paying this for now.

So that leaves me with either adding a shipping charge to all of my products and doing free shipping or doing price based shipping with incremental increases as the total purchase amount goes up.

I'm wondering if it makes any difference in the long run whether I do higher prices with free shipping or lower prices with shipping?

I appreciate the input.

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Hi Kelly,

The first thing that a customer would notice is the price of the product and it's always a great feeling if the product is available for a low price. Shiipping cost would ideally come at a later stage.

On the contrary, when your product price is high, it somewhat narrows down your TA, but the free shipping factor is sure to give them a feeling of achievemnt. Getting something for absolutely free is quite engaging for anyone. 

Both these approahes are correct, but for different target audiences. So, I would suggest that you try and dig in deep a bit more to understand your target and them choose the right approach.

Ruchika Sharma Product Marketer at iZooto
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If you do offer free shipping then make sure it's very plain that you do. I have a large banner on the home page, free shipping text next to the price on every product and a delivery charges tab in the description of every product as well.