Shipping Rate Conflicts - Free Shipping vs. Subscription

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Hello! I have a third-party app that manages recurring subscriptions for our coffee products, so you can order them as a one-time purchase or as an ongoing subscription at your chosen frequency and quantity (ie 2 bags of coffee automatically ordered every 3 weeks). 

I have always offered free shipping over $40 on the non-subscription items and am now struggling to incorporate this into my subscription model. The subscription items are treated as a duplicate product of the one-time purchase items so I have two shipping categories set up for them - Standard Shipping and Subscription Shipping, with each product set included in the respective category. 

Here is the scenario I am encountering that I need to solve: Someone orders 1 bag of coffee on subscription, which normally would not qualify for free shipping. They decide to add some one-time purchases like a t-shirt or coffee mug which takes the total value of the cart over $40. The shipping rate defaults to "Free shipping over $40", and every subscription renewal that person receives at their chosen frequency will ship free, even though it's only for 1 bag of coffee which should not qualify. 

If I don't include a Free Shipping over $40 option in some capacity for the subscriptions, then I am essentially favoring one-time purchasing which takes the entire point of the subscriptions away. The only way I have found to force Shopify to apply shipping to subscriptions makes it apply to ALL subscription orders regardless of price.

What I would like to happen is that the shipping rules only apply to products in that ruleset, so in the "Subscription Shipping" category, you MUST have at least $40 of products that belong to this category in order to receive Free shipping, otherwise the default shipping rate in that category should apply. That way even if the customer orders a bunch of one-time purchases, the ongoing recurring subscription charges will still have shipping applied. 

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? 

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I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it?