Shipping confirmation emails not automatically sending

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Hi please could someone give me some advice on how to install shipping confirmation emails automatically?  The shipping confirmation emails used to be sent to our customers automatically but recently we have to check the box on each individual order to get a shipping confirmation email sent.  We don't use a 3rd party to fulfil our orders but do fulfil them manually.  I've tried looking in orders and checkout but it just keeps coming up saying shipping emails will be sent automatically (if you have selected this option) - but I can't see where to select this   We've not changed anything so I don't understand why this has suddenly started happening.  


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Yes, I've got the same issue. It's annoying. I invariably forget to check the box. It is easy to go back and edit. The tracking is autofilled so you just have to save. First click drop down "More" box. Choose "Edit tracking" and click "Save". 


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