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Hi there.

After clicking on the button "checkout " and adding information for final payment, I get the following message: "Shipping not available for the selected address"

I read on this forum a lot of answers that don't really help me.: Some say that we should report that issue to the Shopify support team, others say that we have to change the shipping address manually because Shopify has carried out a global update which has affected some settings in our shop.


Please, I need your help, because actually, nobody can place an order in my store.

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Hey @SiruisInnovate,

The "Shipping not available for the selected address" language is the default message if there is a shipping error of any kind. 

Beyond what you've already considered, have you made sure that the item(s) in the cart have a shipping cost defined in your shipping settings? For example, if you only have shipping costs defined for up to 20 lbs, but an order has 20.5 lbs, there is no shipping cost defined for it. 

Your best option is to reach out directly to Shopify support so you can work one-on-one with them to troubleshoot.


Good luck!

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