Shipping discounts based off quantity of products

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Hey all,


I'm looking to apply a discount to my shipping fees depending on how many of an item is in the cart on a per product basis.

Here is a scenario to help describe what I am looking for:

  1. Item A has a shipping fee of $20.
  2. If I buy a single Item A it costs $20 but any more after that the shipping fee is 50% ($10 per product)
    1. eg, $20 -> $30 -> $40 -> $50
    2. ($20 + (Item-A-Qty - 1) * $20 * 0.5)
  3. Item A has a shipping fee of $30.
  4. If i buy item A and item B it will apply the full price since only one of each product is added
    1. $20 + $30
  5. but if i buy 3 item A and 2 Item B it would have the discount applied per product
    1. eg, ($20+(3-1)*$20*0.5) + ($30+(2-1)*$30*0.5)

Does anyone know how to achieve this with default Shopify functionality.

I am happy to edit the theme to achieve this.

Otherwise does anyone know a plugin that does this?


btw I have tried this using weight classes but this wont work when you try do different products.