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I was setting up my own rates per zone for shipping but when I try to check out, I get this error message "One or more items you added don’t ship to your location. Remove them to check out, or contact the store." I want to ship to Canada and the United States and I have created shipping zones for both locations and keep on getting the same error message. The shipping address that I put was in Canada and I double checked it over and over again. I even added one for the rest of the world and keep on getting the same error message. How do I fix this? 


Also, I'm located in Canada and I don't have a physical store. I dropship from Ali Express. Should I charge taxes?


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Hey @Myjesti,

Have you configured shipping costs for the cart combination? I.e. you have rates configured for carts up to 5lbs, but you have 6 lbs worth of products in the cart. In this case, no rates would trigger since nothing has been assigned. I would verify that your rates are configured properly. If you're still having difficulty (shipping can be extremely confusing since there are so many moving parts), I would reach out directly to Shopify support (their live chat is a great option!) 

Regarding your tax question, the Canadian government has a CRA Liaison program where you can ask all of your tax questions to someone who works for the CRA. We did it years ago when we started out, and it clarified a lot of things for us. It's free, and a huge benefit of being a Canadian business owner. You can learn more about it here. It saved us a lot of money that otherwise would have gone to our accountant (who we actually really like, but saving money is great!). 


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