Shipping fulfillment from 4 different US warehouses

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Hello All  ,


Getting hard time to set up 4 different ship from location. 

4 warehouses by product type. 

The main problem i am facing :

1. customer can't purchase mixed products (2 different warehouses  )

2. the shipping rate should be the average price or the nearest location rate. 


Is there any apps that helping with this situation ? 

Shopify support did not help enough to go through a full process.  

Thanks A lot 

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Hi @David871,

It might be possible to solve this with Intuitive Shipping. Our system is designed to work with one Shopify Location, so if you need to set up multiple Locations in Shopify to manage inventory, there are some risks when doing this with Intuitive Shipping, as rates may not calculate properly.

If it's feasible to use only one Location in Shopify, there are a couple of different things you can do depending on your requirements.

If you're calculating shipping using live rates, you can set up a Live Rate Shipping Method with a custom origin point for each location, so that rates are calculated based on the warehouse location. You can use our Condition system to set up product or vendor conditions to determine which warehouse's rates are triggered at checkout. Then you can combine these in a Live Rate Combined Shipping Method so that the total shipping costs are either the sum total, the average, the highest or the lowest live rates from the combination.

If you're not using live rates, you can use Intuitive Shipping to create a Multi-vendor setup with custom shipping rates that you enter manually. If the products aren't actually from different vendors - and they're just your own warehouse locations - you can still follow this process and change out the vendor condition for a different product condition (e.g. product tag, name, type, collection, etc.).

The gating factor with Intuitive Shipping will be whether or not you need multiple Shopify Locations to manage inventory. If not, either of these setup suggestions may work. If so, you need to be aware of the risks -- rates may not calculate accurately because of how information about Locations is passed to our system.

If you'd like to learn more about any of this, please feel free to book a demo with one of our team members.

Best regards,

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