Shipping package and carrier default, is it too much to ask?

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I've been with Shopify for 6-7 years now. From day one something that bothered me (that I did have on the previous platform) is the inability to set a default shipping carrier and package.


I ship anywhere from 20-150 packages a day. 90% are the same item in the same package. I would think a lot of us are similar where we use one box and one carrier most of the time.

If I select 20 orders to create shipping labels it will default to whatever the cheapest carrier is and whatever package I last chose when I created a label.

If I select another 20 orders, it will default to whatever carrier I selected the last time I had to change carriers for a shipment and, whatever box I last selected,

The problem is when I have 19 orders going USPS and change one UPS it sets the default for the next batch to UPS. Same with package size.

I cant think of a worse way to set it up. How about a default carrier and package size setting that doesn't change without going into shipping settings?

Better yet, when I select my 20 orders at a time to create label, give me an option to chose carrier and/or package size in bulk for all those orders.  That way I could filter my orders buy product which would all probably ship in the same package same carrier and process them all at once. 


And please dont tell me to buy an app although if I was a developer I would look into this.  Hey, how about a USPS scan form while we're at it. Pretty basic stuff Shopify team.