Shipping rate issues - multiple locations, only 1 combined shipping rate showing at checkout

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Some advice would truly be appreciated.

My store is based in Dubai now but I have some stock left over in the UK and I have created an online 'clearance section' for the UK based products. I have set specific shipping costs and rates for the products based in the 'Clearance collection' that are separate to the rates for all other collections (of which the products are based in Dubai). Now at checkout if a customer has added items to cart from the clearance collection (UK based) and any other collection (Dubai based) online, they just see 1 total combined rate at checkout. They do not see a break down or any information on delivery timelines etc and the shipping rate just looks extortionate with no context available.


This is obviously completely unsuitable for my business and has lost me a lot of orders as customers do not understand why there is one huge fee despite me adding notes against the shipping rates in settings and they also do not see the estimated timelines or have delivery options (which i have set up in settings) as everything is just being combined and showing one total with no context.


I have spoken to the Shopify online help team and tried multiple apps but no one can provide any help. I would love to hear from anyone that has found a workaround for a similar set up. This really just needs to be a short term thing until i clear the UK stock.


my website is


Thank you in advance!