Shipping to the united states from canada using DHL

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I been using canada post for all of my shipping needs. I was approched by a DHL express rep offering me a good plan to switch to. there prices and shipping time compared to canada post are great. Specially overseas and to the united states there prices a bit better also shipping time i m told is too good to be true, faster like two business days for around $24 compared to canada post 4 business days xpresspost for $40.

I would like some feedback from other ecommerce business that use dhl for shipping to the united states, before i switch i wanted to know how are the experieces dealing with Dhl shipping to the united states. I read alot of complaints about them. will customers be turned off when checking out if they see there only option is DHL.

I see lots business use Dhl for oversea but not the united states, the good shipping discounts i m offerend will only work if use Dhl for all of my shipping.

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DHL service is very good for deliveries to US. You can go ahead and get it. However,  to be honest, I am surprised that you are getting cheaper rates than Canada Post. Is this your DHL account through which you are getting these discounted rates or you are using a third party account to get the discounted rates. If this is your own account, you can try using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app that allows you to use your own DHL account to get shipping quotes. In addition, you can use any other carrier if DHLis not the right choice for you. It has support for Canada Post also.

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Gladly they have this kind of service in Canada with cheap fee. Check out this Sarah Jones this might help you find person background if someone want to scam you.