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Looking for help with shipping settings so i can ship any product internationally and find products that provide low shipoing times.

For some reason, all of the videos and guides i watch show how to get e packet but i have not seen a single product which provides e packet yet and i have searched around a thousand different products. All of the shipping times are either 20-40 days or the product is really expensive or the shipping is expensive!

You guys doing these youtube guides make it look so simple and as if its all set up ready for you to find e packet but ive tried everything to find products with epacket and not found a single one!

Another thing, what are 'ships from' about in variations? Its coming up with chine, france ,US, russia and sometimes more! What do i choose?



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Hi Alex1995
 Now some platform provides  different shipping method for u to choose from. "ships from" means you can choose where the products sourcing from ,different country means different Overseas warehouse.

What about trying the app "Ourmall", I've used it for a long time. It's a very good choice for u to find millions of products that u need. all can be shipped worldwide with fast shipping time.etc

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Did you try to use another product sourcing app? It not only helps you find new product ideas, but also gives you an understanding of what customers want and need on the market.

Please take a look at our list of 9+ best dropshipping product research tools. Maybe you'll find something useful there!

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