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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have unique product sizes (like a guitar) that they have to ship and if so, how do you add the box size to the product so that the right shipping rate is calculated at check out? Also, what provider have you found to be the least expensive shipping within the United States? Thank you!

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Hey @Bob-Kristin ,


I know it's about 4 months late, but I figured I'd answer in case you still haven't found a solution and for anyone else who may come across the same issue. 


Shopify doesn't offer the ability to input product dimensions, and only allows one default box size for live rate calculations. Clearly, with large product catalogs, especially those who sell bulky items (like guitars!), this doesn't quite work. One of our apps is Intuitive Shipping, and we help a lot of music stores control their shipping costs at checkout. Typically, they offer a mix of live rates (drum sets, guitars etc.), and flat rates (guitar strings etc.). In one example, we helped the merchant get granular enough that if a customer orders a guitar and a case, our system knows to calculate shipping as one product (since you would ship the guitar within the case). In other cases, you can have items like strings, picks, any other small items ship free for bulky-item orders since in most cases, they can be popped into the box without it impacting the weight. 


For least expensive shipping, it depends on what you're sending. In some cases USPS will be cheapest, and in others it will be UPS. Shopify's shipping rates are quite competitive, but you can also try a negotiated rates provider such as Easyship, Shippo, or Pirate Ship. 

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