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I'm moving my store from Prestashop to Shopify and I would like to know if there is a way to associate shippers with product tags as I'm going to make the migration and my current shippers in Prestashop will be converted in tags and I don't want to type the shippers on each product(There are more than 1000).


I will really appreciate any help! :)

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Hi @wuilivavel 

Migrating product tags is pretty simple these days and converting shippers info into tag is not an exception. Alright, I'll suggest you a solution that worth your concern.

1. First, try to export your shippers info into CSV files. If am not wrong so your CSV files are already stored in database on Prestashop.

2. Next, reach out for the CSV FILE MIGRATION service provided by LitExtension. 

CSV Files Migration Service allows you to migrate data such as products, customers, orders, categories and other entities from CSV files to a new shopping cart. Then, your data will be displayed properly on the new online store and you can continue managing all items as normal.

This means your shippers data entity will be customized, migrated and displayed the way you want it to be (tags) on your new store. Pretty easy, right?! 


An alternative solution I think, the Custom Field migration service can even get the job done quicker than the option above. Or an All-In-One solution? Why not, especially when you'r too busy to take care of the migration.


For more information about the Prestashop to Shopify migration package, visit this site. Don't forget to try out their free demo migration to better visualize the process. If you want to clarify what else should be done, try contact them at anytime, for any question.




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