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I've renamed the Ships From field of one of my products to Outside US, but I've had to delete the variants that were shipped from other countries, as it would have been conflicting. So I now have only variants that were originally shipped from China renamed Outside US, and deleted the variants shipped from Russia, Belgium and Spain.

The question is this: in case I have a customer from France, can I still choose to ship from Belgium, as it would be much quicker than from China, or the products will be shipped only from China? Would it be chosen automatically by Shopify / Oberlo?

Also, I understood that if I deleted the Ships From filed, the product will disconnect from Oberlo, but what does this mean, exactly? Would I have to order the product manually and be able to choose where I ship it from? Would it still track the inventory from AliExpress?

Is there not any other way to be able to not show that Ship From field on my website, but still have the products connected to Oberlo?