Shogun app cancel trial, will changes to my Website stay?

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Hi I was wondering if I created pages, editions, collections, etc. For my website using the trial of shogun app for edition, will this changes and new pages stay if I cancel the trial subscription to this app? 

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Hi there! 

Karl from Shogun Page Builder here.

If you decide to give Shogun a try, which we would love you to do, any changes that you make on your site will remain live even after you uninstall. This means that if you decide to update a product page within Shogun, for example, the changes that you make will remain on your store after you uninstall.

One exception to this would be forms, which would not remain active on your store. We are currently obliged to redact (remove) your data from our servers after 14 days of uninstalling Shogun, this is due to GDPR laws and a request that we receive from Shopify. The redaction of your data will not affect your live content. More information on uninstalling can be found in the article below,

What happens to my pages if I uninstall Shogun from Shopify?

I would definitely encourage you to install and have a play around with it to see if you like it! All new users will get a 10-day free trial when they first install the app.

Feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any other questions.

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