Shop closed without any communication as to why

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I envy the kind of ease with which Shopify has shunned a small business without the regard that at least a communication should have been sent out when the account was taken down. I open a store on Shopify with a lot of enthusiasm, it is active for about 2 weeks, then one day I wake up, I can no longer login, my site is taken down, all my customer payments have been refunded. There is no communication as to why and no details as to what is going on.
Here are a couple of points from a frustrated customer whose hard work and hard earned money were taken away from them during the times when families are already under stress. It will be a story and experience worth sharing with others.
1) If my business presented a level of risk that you cannot support, this information should have been relayed to me before/at the time when my account was taken down. This is a failure of the risk operations team where they DO NOT communicate to the customer when they take a decision. The customer has to reach out multiple times and cry their heart out for the team to even reply with what is going on.
2) If my business presented a level of risk that you cannot support, or was marked for review, then you should not have allowed any future orders to my website before complete review. All my orders were refunded to my customers without any information as to why. Now my customers are not willing to pay me again for my services even after all the hard work that I put in. If the communication had been sent out earlier, I could have reached out to them to send the payments via another channel.
3) Basic risk assessment should be done at the time when documents are submitted to Shopify and before accepting any orders. The pain through which small business owners go through, given the times, is incomprehensible.
4) Atleast provide a realistic and accurate estimate of when you will be reaching back out to the customer when an issue is escalated. Inaccurate timelines were given for when you will be reaching out to me. If your CS team/ other teams are keeping busy due to COVID, please add the required latency to the estimate provided.
5) You should be sharing at least the order details for whom the payouts were successful and which got refunded so that the business owner can follow up with their customer. I am not even able to login to my account nor received any details of the orders which were successfully paid out and which were refunded.
I have been an advocate for Shopify all these years and have encouraged so many people to use your platform, but unfortunately you have lost one of your admirers and followers today.
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A Small Business Owner