Shop visits to incomplete link landing pages

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Firstly hi, it's wonderful to be part of the Shopify community - I love my little shop and all the help and support I've had from Shopify has been terrific.

I was just wondering if anyone had come across something odd which has happened on my shop a couple of times and I can't figure out why. I don't get huge amounts of traffic at the moment so when I do I can see the stats pretty easily.

One thing that seems to happen quite frequently is that I apparently receive shop visitors but that the landing pages they are arriving on are incomplete. For example if it was products/butterfly-house-drop-earrings they'll arrive on products/butterfly- or on products/butterfly-house-dro.


The visits seem to almost exclusively come from the US so I was wondering whether it was down to indexing or something? I haven't yet added the Google analytics to the shop so I'm not sure.

Thanks very much