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Hello there, My name is Pawan, I have a client and he wants to change his Shopify Domain Name. I can change it but I'm a bit confused because if I change the website domain name, do I have to redirect all the subpages to the new URLs or it will automatically redirect it to the new URLs and also I don't want that the website I will lose its organic traffic. So, Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you


Hi Kpawan,


I'd be happy to take a look at your site and see if I can help.


I've worked on quite a few high-profile Shopify sites and would definitely know how to solve this problem.


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Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Would be happy to discuss further over Skype or Zoom when you have time.



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Hi Pawan,


Domain migration is simple in Shopify. Add the domain to Shopify and under your Online Store preferences, ensure all domains redirect to this new domain. No redirects are necessary as Shopify will point each page appropriately. However, I suggest you do a Change of Address with Google to help the migration of SEO. Some internal links should be updated if they are absolute rather than relative, but they will still work. They'll just redirect.

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Ok, If I need your help, I will connect you through the email. Thank you


Thank you so much, Josh. It will really help me and If I need further assistance I will contact with you. Great help Josh!

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I recently changed my website name and updated the info in preferences. However, my shopify URL still shows the old site name? How do I change this?