Shopify Admin won't load on PC or laptop

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Hi Jonna

Its sad to hear that you cannot work again :(. That is not good. I am still having troubles also but they advised me to do a couple of things. I will need to try  and see if its because of Chrome. I hope that will be fixed because its frustrating. Check them out as per below fyi. Maybe you can figure out something through this about your issue.

"My first recommendation here is that you update your browsers. I have looked into the version you are currently using and it is showing to be Chrome 65, so please update your browsers and let me know how you get on. Our coding and programs are not designed to work with outdated software, they will only work with up to date Chrome extensions and up to date Chrome.

It would also be the same with the devices you are using, make sure it is Windows 7 or higher and can meet the system requirements.

Another troubleshooting step you can try is logging in to the admin portal after updating your browser but in in-cognito mode."

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Hi Evangelia, I'm glad to tell that my admin area works again. It seems so random, but I'm now keeping my fingers crossed it will stay functional. Thank you for the suggestions, though (I am running Windows 10 and the most recent version of Chrome). I hope that you will get yours to work soon and won't miss any more days!

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Hey Jonna,

Thanks so much for reaching out :) i am glad you can work again. My admin is also working today. I also hope that it will remain like this. :))) 

We will keep in touch.

Best regards


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Hi Evangelia and Jonna

I've just encountered the same issue with the huge icons and no admin.

I managed to fix the issue by disabling my Firefox Privacy Badger plugin. I would guess if you have an adblocker or tracker blocker addon on your browser, it could be the culprit.

Best regards,